What is insurance, how many types are there? Complete information in Hindi.

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What is insurance?

Insurance is an effective weapon to avoid any apprehension of loss in our future. As we do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, that's why we get an insurance policy, through which we try to cover the possible loss in future.

Insurance means the protection of your risk. If an insurance company insures you, then that insurance company will compensate for the financial loss that happens to you.

In the same way, if a company insures your car, home or smartphone, then that company gives you compensation according to the pre-determined condition in case of breakage, loss and damage to that thing.

What are the types of insurance?

There are generally two types of insurance:

(1) life insurance
(2) General Insurance

(1) Life Insurance:-

Life insurance is such an insurance, in which the life of a person is insured, which we call "life insurance". Life insurance means that if the person buying the insurance policy dies, then the dependent of that person is compensated by the insurance company. We call this "life insurance".

If there is an untimely death of the head of the family, then it is very important to take a life insurance policy to deal with the financial crisis for his family, parents, wife, children etc.

(2) General Insurance:- It includes all insurance of house, vehicle, health, crop, travel etc.

Home Insurance:-

If you get your home insured from a simple company, then your entire house is covered in it, and if you buy an insurance policy, after that, if there is any damage in your house, then The insurance company pays his compensation.

Vehicle Insurance:-

It is very important according to our law to have vehicle insurance for all the vehicles plying on the roads in India. If you walk on the road without insuring your vehicle, then you can also be impounded by the traffic police. According to the vehicle insurance policy, if there is any kind of damage to the vehicle, then the vehicle insurance company will compensate it. For example, if your vehicle is damaged due to theft or any accident, then the vehicle insurance company will not compensate for it.

You get the best benefit of a vehicle insurance policy tb when a person gets grievous injury or death in an accident with your vehicle, then he is covered under this insurance. If you also have a vehicle, it is very important to get it insured.

Health Insurance:-

Nowadays the cost of treatment is increasing very fast in hospitals, health insurance means that if you buy a health insurance policy then that insurance company bears all the expenses when you get sick. The amount involved depends on the insurance policy you have purchased.

Travel Insurance:-

Travel insurance means that if you buy their travel insurance policy, then if you have any kind of injury or theft of any luggage while traveling somewhere far abroad, then it will be compensated for it. The insurance company does. This insurance is valid from the start of the journey till the end of the journey. Different companies have different insurance terms for travel insurance policies.

Crop Insurance:–

At present, it is very important for all farmers to buy crop insurance, so that if there is any kind of loss in the crop due to any kind of damage to the crop, due to fire, water, flood etc., then its compensation crop. The insurance company pays the insured person.

Business Liability Insurance:-

People buy this insurance to compensate for the loss caused by any work of their company or its customers. In this way, in any case, the company has to bear the entire cost of penalty or any legal proceedings.


Friends, in today's post, I have told you in full detail about what is insurance and how many types of insurance are there, and I hope that you will have got a good information from this post of ours today. If you have any doubt then you can ask in below comment box. Thank you


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