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Gay Kon Hote Hai | Top Indian Gay Site

Indian Gay Site - Hello friends, do you want to know about Indian gay, only one question is coming in your mind, who are gay. Why do people call them gay only if you also want to know the answers related to these questions then you have come to the right place. There are many evils in the society. Before we tell you about Indian Gay site, we have to tell some important information. Hope you like all the information given

Gay Kon Hote Hai  (Who are gay ?)

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Indian Gay Site

When a person sees another person, they fall in love with each other. In this type of case, both can be male or both can be female. In both cases we can call them gay. It is not necessary that men can be gay but women can also be gay. The result of gay is found in many countries and societies. Now it is difficult to find out who is gay. Gay is like a normal man. When the filings start coming in, then they are attracted to the same gender.

Gay Banane Ka Kaaran (Reason to be gay)

The reasons for being gay and bisexual are disputed. Homosexuality or bisexuality is considered a sin in many religions. In some religions homosexuality or bisexuality is seen as choices that depend on a person's own choice. The factors of homosexuality are not yet clear, but the effects and environment of genetics and prenatal hormones are sometimes considered its factors. Scientists have also shown that homosexuality is not only found in humans but also in many animal species. Homosexuality has also been found in many animals such as penguins, chimpanzees

Many scientists and practitioners agree that homosexual behavior cannot be changed. Homosexuals were treated by doctors assuming that it was a mental disease. However, in many countries, homosexuality is no longer classified by doctors as a mental disease.

Being gay is not a disease, it can also be due to changes in hormones at birth. Apart from this, it can also cause a congenital change, in many countries, if gay is considered sick then in many places he likes it.
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दोस्तों आशा करता हु आप को दी गई जानकारी बहुत ही पसंद आई होगी। इसी प्रकार की नई जानकारी के लिए आप हमारी हिंदी वेबसाइट TopBharat पर जुड़े रहे। इसके बाद भी आप के कोई प्रशन है तो आप हमें निचे कमेंट कर सकते है। हमें आप की मदद करने में बहुत ख़ुशी होगी धन्यवाद।

Topbharat does not do any kind of illegal work; All the information mentioned above is being given only for education information.

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